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Reflection on the 2018 Provincial Election Campaign
It means so much to me to have had so much support during the campaign. It was great to meet new people and to see friendly faces at the all candidates meetings. Thanks especially to my CFO Gail McCormack and campaign manager Ben Benett for filling crucial roles on the campaign team. Thanks to everyone who helped with signs or requested a sign and/or made a donation to the Green Party of Ontario.
On June 7, 2018, we had an enormous win in getting our leader, Mike Schreiner, elected in Guelph!!! I have been volunteering for the GPO for 15 years to achieve this, including 2 1/2 years on Provincial Executive and running as a candidate four times. This is a great achievement for all of us who have been active in local riding associations, run as candidates, knocked on doors, dropped off literature, requested a sign or donated to the party. Thanks everyone!
Of course the overall election result of the PC majority government is concerning. Unfortunately in our current First Past the Post electoral system, one party can get 40% of the votes cast, more than 50% of the seats and 100% of the power. We have to keep working to get some form of proportional representation. Maybe the Liberals will once more be interested. A united front of the Liberals, NDP and Greens to implement PR (without a referendum until the system has been in place for two election cycles) after the next election could end false majority governments in Ontario.
In the meantime, this opinion piece by Martin Regg Cohn can give us hope that the PCs are giving us better climate action than the Cap and Trade program of the Liberals.
Click here
Unfortunately, I likely will not get an electric car any time soon. I am on a waiting list for January 2019. The generous rebate will be gone by then.

Now that we have finally elected a Green MPP in Ontario, I predict that in the 2019 federal election and provincial elections across the country we will continue to elect Greens and have more influence on our governments. People are realizing that we really do need Green influenced governments to protect our environment and climate and move to a more prosperous and just post-carbon society.
Thank you all for being on this journey with me and continuing your involvement in whatever capacity you can.

Final results - Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston

HILLIER, RANDY, PC Party of Ontario 26,194 52.02%
HART, RAMSEY Ontario NDP 15,349 30.48%
PULKER-MOK, AMANDA Ontario Liberal Party 5,359 10.64%
PAYNE, ANITA Green Party of Ontario 2,410 4.79%
GEBHARDT, STEVE Libertarian 601 1.19%
MCEWEN, JOHN A. Independant 440 0.87%

Elections Ontario offices have opened in Perth (Perth Mews - old Sears location) and Harrowsmith (4917 Hwy 38 at Harrowsmith Road).
You can vote at your returning office, using a special ballot they will provide, or using a regular ballot at advance polls in various locations or on election day.

For hours and more voting information, click here.

Link here for detals of the mobile polls on Election Day

Metroland Media: The report from the May 29 All Candidates Meeting inPerth - click here

NEW! CKWS looks at the candidates -click here

NEW! Check out our new radio ad on Lake 88 -click here

NEW! Interview with Lake 88 - In Focus - May 23 -click here

Help us with our campaign to bring Green MPPs to Queen's Park in 2018.
With significant breakthroughs for the Greens in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and especially British Columbia, Ontario Greens are working hard to elect the first Green MPPs.
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June 4 Update from the Candidate
We are now to the final few days of this campaign.
A new poll shows that Mike Schreiner is in the lead in Guelph, but it is close, so we still have to do the grunt work of knocking on doors and phoning. I plan to phone as much as I can this week and I encourage everyone to help.
Email here to sign up for phoning
They give you a script to follow and it is done on the computer. We need calling done every day, including Election Day to get out the vote.

The string of all candidates meetings last week was challenging, sometimes uplifting and at other times frustrating, with a bit of humour thrown in.
At the end of each evening, I took stock of which important messages I got across and which ones I didn't say much or anything about. For me, it all comes back to taking action on the climate crisis, of which we are now seeing the effects, even locally. We had droughts in 2012 and 2016 and flooding in 2017, not to mention severe thunderstorms, windstorms, icestorms and generally erratic weather. These events, the spread of Emerald Ash Borer, and severe Forest Tent Caterpillar infestations for three years have really affected the trees on my property. The more we lose the trees, the less carbon dioxide is taken out of the atmosphere, exacerbating global warming. Humans have removed half of the vegetation from the planet!
On Saturday, at Paddlefest in Smiths Falls, I gave a presentation on climate change, phasing out natural gas, electric vehicles and what you can do.
Email me if you'd like details from the presentations.
Afterwards, we had a look at the displays set up in Lower Reach Park and paddled a voyageur canoe in a race. Then I was off to the Lanark Pride Parade in Perth, a fun event, with Ramsey Hart and I being the only candidates present. The weather was great and everyone enjoyed themselves.

I rounded out the weekend participating in the Perth Pool triathlon, doing the swim and run with a partner doing the cycling portion.
If you haven't voted yet, remember to vote on Thursday June 7.
You can still vote by special ballot at the returning offices in Harrowsmith or at the old Sears Store near the LCBO in Perth.

May 18 Message from the Candidate
What a busy couple of weeks it has been!

Helping Mike Schreiner Win
On May 5 I was in Guelph, helping with Mike Schreiner's campaign. There were lots of Greens there and federal Leader Elizabeth May came as well.
Canvassing with Elizabeth was a really great experience! People recognize her and are pleased to meet her. Unfortunately not as many people know Mike.
Being shut out of the Leaders' debates makes it harder for Green Party leaders to become known. Mike has been in the media quite a lot though and is raising the profile of the party.
We have such great policies that really resonate with many people.
An interview with Mike by CBC's Matt Galloway is found here.
Mike also met with the Toronto Star editorial board - click here
If you have not signed the petitions to ask that Mike Schreiner be included in the leaders' debates, you can do so here
...and here

Silent Protest

On Monday, May 7, I joined more than a hundred other supporters at the outside City TV prior to the leaders' debate that did not include the Green leader. Green tape across our mouths symbolized our voices being silenced. We did get the attention of the various TV camera crews that were there primarily to catch the arrival the other three leaders.

Campaign Launch
The election campaign officially launched on May 9.
The day before I had my first of two interviews on Lake 88 In Focus. On May 9, I had the privilege of speaking with Grade 5 students at Queen Elizabeth School in Perth.
On May 11, we met with the Kingston Frontenac Lennox and Addington Public Health officials to hear their concerns.

Electric Vehicle Workshop
On May 12, Ottawa city councillor David Chernushenko gave me a ride in his all electric Chevrolet Bolt to learn about the advantages of switching to an EV. The transportation sector is our largest source of greenhouse gas pollution and it is imperative that we switch to electric vehicles as part of our transition to a clean, prosperous post carbon future. Over the lifetime of the vehicle, an EV is no more expensive than a conventional car. There is almost no maintenance required and the cost of electricity is less than gasoline. The all electric models also have increased range now so you can relieve both your range anxiety and your emissions anxiety.

All Candidates' Meetings
The first public meeting was hosted by the Carleton Chamber of Commerce and the Lanark Federation of Agriculture on May 16. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but exciting to be able to present the Green Party's great ideas.
This meeting was video recorded for cable TV. It will be shown on COGECO on Tuesday May 27 and on Rogers at another time.
There are a number of other public meetings coming up as well as a school assembly at Granite Ridge Educational Centre in Sharbot Lake prior to their Student Vote.
On May 24 the Upper Canada Occasional Teachers are holding a Community Forum at the Perth Legion starting at 7 p.m.

Other Events
On May 23, I will be on Lake 88 In Focus again, after the noon news.
That evening the documentary "Highway of Tears" will be shown at the Perth Legion, starting at 6:30 pm.
On Friday, May 25 there will be screening of the documentary about GMOs at the Full Circle Theatre in Perth at 7 p.m.
I will also be getting around to some of the area's great farmers' markets on Saturdays.
I hope to see you somewhere along the way.

Anita Payne

May 14 - Greens release election platform - click here

May 8, 2018 Anita's interview for the In Focus program on Lake 88.
Click here

Early May Message from the Candidate

Spring is Here
What an April we had! Winter came back with a vengeance in the middle of the month, after many of the migratory birds had returned. The snow and ice was unwelcome to many. April snow or ice storms are memorable because they are not expected. This year's is the fourth that I can remember.
At last we can say it is spring now. Spring wildflowers are blooming, at least a month late. There is some minor flooding in our area, but New Brunswick is seeing unprecedented flooding along the St. John River. The location changes year to year, but we continue to see an unprecedented events. We have failed to prevent climate change; it is happening. We have to work hard now to adapt to the consequences such as drought, flooding and wildfires, while continuing efforts to reduce climate damaging greenhouse gas emissions. It is important that we all embrace carbon reduction strategies such as carbon pricing, retrofitting our homes and switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Campaigning is Starting
We are on our way to a very busy month of campaigning!
On Wednesday, May 9, we expect the writ drop for the start of the official campaign period. But even before that I will be on the campaign trail. On Saturday May 5, I headed to Guelph to campaign for GPO Leader Mike Schreiner in his home riding. Volunteers have been canvassing for months on the issue of protecting water. People are working really hard to get Mike elected.
On Monday May 7, I will celebrate my son's birthday by protesting at City TV because they are excluding Mike from the televised Leaders' debate.
If you missed Toronto Star columnist Martin Regg Cohn's article, see it here
If you can go to Toronto or know anyone who lives there, please let them know about the protest. Details here
City TV is at 33 Dundas St. E. The original plan was to be there from 5 p.m., to 7 p.m. The Liberals are showing up at 3 pm, so I will too. It is a silent protest, so green tape will be put over the mouths of the protesters.
The Green Party of Ontario is the only party that receives per vote funding from Elections Ontario whose leader has not been invited to the televised debates. It is undemocratic for a few media executives to decide which leaders are included. This is a disservice to all citizens of Ontario.
If you agree that GPO Leader Mike Schreiner should be in the leader debates click here to sign the petition at change.org.

Lake 88 radio is providing a great public service by interviewing all area provincial candidates on In Focus after the noon news. My first interview is Tuesday May 8 and the second is on Wednesday May 23. If you can't listen to the live events, the interviews will be available on the website. I appreciate everyone's interest in the Green Party and support whether it is showing up at campaign events, putting up a sign or talking to your friends about our great ideas for moving Ontario to a prosperous post-carbon society.


Congratulations to Ramsey Hart, named NDP candidate for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston, April 7. We now have five candidates: Anita Payne (Green), Ramsey Hart (NDP), Amanda Pulker-Mok (Liberal), Randy Hillier (PC) and Steve Gebhardt (Libertarian).

April Message from the Candidate

Ottawa area Green candidates with GPO Leader Mike Shreiner and Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May at a recent fund-raiser in Kanata.
(Supplied photo)

Wow! March was a busy month. Seedy Sunday in Perth was on March 4 (that reminds me that I should be planting some of them indoors about now). Except for the taste of spring that we had in early March it has been a cold spring so far. The days are longer and the birds are arriving back. I saw a woodcock on my road a few days ago and saw my first heron of the season yesterday.
This year I made my first ever homemade maple syrup, thanks to my neighbours for tapping a couple of my sugar maples. Having a wood stove has helped with the process and the cold weather made it more conducive to have the fire on. Now I truly feel like a member of the Lanark County community!

Marching in March
On March 23 some of my friends went to the march in Ottawa to Minister McKenna's office to protest Kinder-Morgan expansion. I had hoped to go but my body was not cooperating. That is the same day that Elizabeth May and Burnaby South MP Kennedy Stewart were arrested for civil disobedience protesting at the gates of K-M in Burnaby. Just today the BC judge recommended that all the protesters be charged with criminal, not civil, contempt because there had been a court order for protesters to not block the gate.
On March 24 I did make it into Ottawa with a friend to participate in the March for Our Lives rally in Major's Hill Park.

March for Our Lives rally, Ottawa
The group then proceeded to line Sussex Drive, opposite to the embassy. There were a couple of hundred people there, including a number of Americans, young people and teachers. Many of the motorists passing by honked in support. Half a million people marched in Washington, DC. We were all supporting the Parkland, FL shooting survivors who are calling for gun control. It is so good to see so much support! The students are making this an election issue. I predict that some Republican Members of Congress will lose their seats in the midterm elections this year, unless by some miracle they too start supporting gun control.

Green Party Campaign Events
On Monday March 26, Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner brought his cross province pre-election tour through Perth and on to Ottawa. While in Perth we recorded an interview on Lake 88, and met with the media and local Greens at Cafe Bean. That evening, my campaign manager, my CFO and I went to the gathering in Kanata in support of Kanata-Carleton candidate Andrew West. It was a great turnout with Elizabeth May present as well. She told us how much respect she was getting from people for taking a principled stand against Kinder Morgan and acting on it by being arrested.

Speaking Up
On March 27, I attended the International Women's Day event in Carleton Place organized by the teachers' federation. Shari Graydon, a former journalist who founded Informed Opinions, a non-profit project to bridge the gender gap in information media, spoke about encouraging women to recognize their own expertise and to speak up.
I think that March began and ended here rather lamb-like; the lion part of March was mid-month. However early April saw high winds and even a little snow.

A Fighting Chance to Curb Global Warming
Saturday April 7 was our Green Party chili dinner fundraiser at the Maberly Hall. Our guest speaker, solar pioneer Greg Allen, spoke on "A fighting chance to curb global warming".

A full house for the chili dinner(Supplied photo)

Greg's message was that we urgently need to decrease the use of natural gas, which we now know is the greatest greenhouse gas contributor in Ontario. The global warming potential of methane, the main component of natural gas, is 105 times that of carbon dioxide in the short period of time that both gases are in the atmosphere. We need to do deep retrofits on all of our buildings to drastically reduce our energy consumption and thus our greenhouse gas emissions. There are a number of programs providing funds for retrofits. Once you have made your home more energy efficient, the savings continue far into the future.
Thanks to everyone who attended and to those who made donations to help elect Green MPPs.

Create Negawatts to Save Money and Energy
Instead of complaining about your electricity bills, look for ways to reduce your usage. (Link here for details about the program.)This month, you can buy really efficient LED light bulbs for just 50 cents each. If you have not yet changed all the light bulbs in your house to LEDs, do it now! Ontario/s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) is offering coupons to save on other energy saving items like smart thermostats and weather stripping. The deals are offered until May 6. Click here for information and for coupons.
However, the stores that sell these items likely will have the coupons there. LEDs are even more efficient than compact fluorescent bulbs. Note that CFLs are considered hazardous waste and must not be put in the garbage. Every watt of electricity that you do not use, or "negawatt" saves you money now and into the future!

Celebrate Earth Day in Perth
The third annual P'Earthday Parade is happening at 4 pm on Sunday April 22. We will meet behind Perth Town Hall, walk up Gore Street and through Stewart Park where we will have a little ceremony to honour Jessie, the huge old beloved silver maple tree that was recently cut down for safety reasons. Wherever you are on Earth Day, take time to reflect on the life-supporting gifts that the Earth provides. We need to protect and restore our environment so that we can continue to receive the clean air, water, and land that we need to survive and thrive.


On March 26, GPO Leader Mike Schreiner was in Perth as part of the GPO's Green Vision Tour.
Lake 88 In Focus inteview, March 26, 2018
Link to InsideOtawaValley.com

NEWS RELEASE, March 18, 2018
Solar pioneer to speak at Greens event

The Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston Greens are holding a chili dinner, Saturday, April 7, in Maberly.
The speakers are L-F-K Green Party of Ontario candidate Anita Payne and guest presenter Greg Allen.
Mr. Allen is a professional engineer who has pioneered zero carbon building solutions for almost 50 years. His talk is titled: "A Fighting Chance to Curb Global Warming".
The cost of the dinner is $10 per person.
This is a cost recovery event; voluntary donations to the GPO will be accepted.
The event will be held at the Maberly Community Hall, 180 Maberly Elphin Road, Maberly, ON.
Doors open at 5 p.m.; dinner at 6 p.m.; speakers at 7 p.m.
For more information, and to reserve tickets, email Orm Lee by clicking here or call 613-267-7584.

NEWS RELEASE, March 18, 2018
Green Party of Ontario Leader to visit Perth

Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike Schreiner is scheduled to visit Perth, March 26, as part of a multi-community Green Vision Tour through Ontario that includes Kingston and Ottawa.
Schreiner will be interviewed by Lake 88 for its In Focus feature, followed by interviews with local print media, and a brief get-together with local Greens. He is also scheduled to help local candidate Anita Payne "launch" her campaign website: www.anitapayne.ca.
His itinerary after Perth includes a conversation on youth issues at the University of Ottawa and fund-raising event in Kanata that night.

February message from our candidate

GPO Convention, Guelph, February 2018 - more pics on the "More About Anita" page - see link below
(Supplied photo)

February Message from the Candidate
Green Party of Ontario Convention
On the first weekend in February, I attended the GPO Convention in Guelph. It was fun to meet new friends and reconnect with old friends.
How You Can Help!
Join the campaign to get GPO Leader Mike Schreiner into the televised leaders' debates. The Green Party receives per vote funding from the government, so we should be held accountable for it. You can sign the petition and share it on social media here: Link here Being in the leaders' debate will help Mike Schreiner get elected in Guelph and increase our total vote for continued funding. Every Green vote helps the party to grow and become more successful in the future.
If you are on Twitter, please share these hashtags: #letsmakehistory and #everyvotecounts.
Dave Meslin spoke on Make Democracy Great Again! You can see how he used Lego blocks to show the skewed 2015 federal election results:
Link here
One of the workshop sessions that I attended was on how to achieve 100% renewable energy. Guelph is one of the cities that has committed to switching to 100% renewable energy by 2050: Link here
This tied in well with my table talk presentation on the urgency of phasing out fracked natural gas in Ontario; it provides information on solutions to the problem.
It was inspirational to hear from elected Greens from Prince Edward Island and British Columbia. Sonia Fursteneau, is one of the three member BC Green Caucus that is supporting the NDP minority government. The one issue that they on working on that is of national significance is the upcoming referendum on proportional representation. The ballot question is currently in development.
With much optimism for the prospects of electing Green MPPs in Ontario on June 7, I returned home to make plans for my campaign in Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston. I am also planning to go to Guelph and/or other ridings to help those candidates win!

New Year's Message from the Candidate

The Polar Plunge
This year I participated in the Perth Polar Plunge again, with proceeds going to The Table Community Food Centre.
It was extremely cold - way colder than in previous "plunge" years - and I really didn't want to do it.
But people had contributed to my fund-raising, so I had to.
And it was for a great cause. The Table does great work and needs community support.
It all worked out in the end. The event raised a lot of money. And I felt great afterwards!

On January 2, I read two discouraging articles on the climate front.
The first detailed how the petroleum industry was warned in 1959 of the dangers of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere coming from burning fossil fuels. Yes, 1959! and again in 1968. The industry promised that vehicle emissions would be controlled, but they did not mention CO2 as one of the pollutants that would NOT be controlled. By the1990s the petroleum industry was in full denial, opposing the science of climate change and any governmental efforts to reduce emissions.
The second article analyzes the 2017 "BP Statistical Review of World Energy". The author, Barry Saxifrage had to do his own calculations from their data to determine the total global use of fossil fuels. He also calculated the annual rise in fossil fuel consumption and the trend for each type of fuel. The astounding results show that global fossil fuel use continues to rise, despite commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions [the Kyoto Protocol was adopted in 1997, over 20 years ago].

At times, I feel that there is very little that I can personally do when I consider the global impact of climate change.
I try to minimize my carbon footprint. I volunteer with Citizens' Climate Lobby to ask politicians to implement carbon fee and dividend. I write letters to the editor. I encourage others to sign petitions. When people comment on weather events, I connect them to climate change.
I could do more to talk about climate change, but I am reluctant sometimes, not wanting to turn people off.
However, as a candidate representing the Green Party, people expect me to talk about environmental issues. The focus for Greens is often on emphasizing that we are not just about the environment but also all other issues that are important to Canadians.
For me, the climate crisis is an existential issue that we all should be acting to solve.
The Ontario provincial election is just a few months away now, on June 7, 2018. I look forward to the campaign. Talking to students and with voters are always the highlights for me. Media interviews are important too, but talking to people face-to-face is more of a two-way street. You hear people's concerns, answer their questions and see their reactions to the Green Party's solutions.
See you on the campaign trail!


(NOTE:The local riding has been changed by Elections Ontario since the 2014 provincial election, losing Napanee and area and adding the Mississippi Mills area.
The riding of Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston, now comprises the towns of Carleton Place, Mississippi Mills, Perth, and Smiths Falls, and the townships of Beckwith, Central Frontenac, Drummond-North Elmsley, Lanark Highlands, Montague, North Frontenac, South Frontenac and Tay Valley, as well as the northern part of the City Of Kingston.)

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